Player Q&A Session – Robbie Parker

Player Q&A Session – Robbie Parker

Last night via Twitter & Facebook we hosted in what will hopefully be the first in a series of Q&A sessions with current St Ives Town players with the questions being asked by the Ives fans. Club captain Robbie Parker was the first to be quizzed.

For those that missed it or don’t have access to social media, here’s the Q&A session in full.

Question – From Josh Kean – Footballing idol when growing up?

Robbie – Steven Gerrard

From Mark Swetnam – Please ask Robbie “what is he doing to try and keep fit and sharp during the lock down period?”

R – It was a tough season physically so a lot of isolation has been resting and recovering but in the gym at home and a bit of cycling to keep ticking over.

From Hannah Seymour-Shove – How do you keep the team motivated during tough times in a game?

R – I think the best way to keep the team motivated during tough times in games is to lead by example. Once one or two start it quickly spreads through the team. Some choice words of encouragement don’t go a miss every once in a while too. It changes player to player how they respond.

Also from Hannah – Who’s got the worst taste in music in the dressing room?

R – 100% Ben Toseland- not sure what we’re going to get on the speaker week to week!

From Martin & Janet Carter – if you had to select the team each week, who would be first choice on the team sheet?

R – A tough one for different reasons but Ben Jackson would be my first choice.

From Jordan Patrick – When will Robbie cut his hair?

R – There are currently no plans to get rid of the long hair I’m afraid. Maybe a fresh start for the new season we’ll see.

From Paul Sharp – I’ve admired Robs play for a long time, but fellow fans on the terraces call him “the crab” aka Ray Wilkins. It’s not a bad player to be compared with, but my question is whether there is more to his game going forward ? Apart from missing lots of penalties.

R – There is definitely more to come with the attacking side to my game but it’s the team result that’s most important so I just try to stick to what I do best. #topscorerthisseason #nibble

From Martin C – Which player that has left the club do you miss the most?

R – A very tough one. There are a few that come to mind. Mark Coulson towards the end of the season both on and off the pitch top class. (Hopefully isn’t done yet). Jarvis Wilson loads of ability. Manashe Sundire from last seasons team.

From Bully – Who wears the worst clobber on a team night out??

R – I have to say the clobber on the last night out was exceptional. George Bailey stands out overall though. Some questionable decisions!

From Benno Sharp – Will you continue to take penalties after your run of not hitting a barn door from 12 yards?

R – I’m still penalty taker for now, got to score somehow!

From Benno Sharp – Who is your inspiration for your man bun, is it Zlatan, De Gea or Katie Perry?

R – It’s Katy Perry. This is coming next! 

From Benno Sharp – If you played in Liverpool’s current midfield who would be your 2 midfield team mates??

R – Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum both underrated in my opinion.

From Benno Sharp – Who’s the best player you’ve played with and against?

R – Best player I’ve played with ability wise is Kevin Thornton. I couldn’t name a best I’ve played against.

From Steve – what are the teams aims for next season and how do you think they can be achieved?

R – It’s difficult to talk about aims for next season as it still feels so long away and hasn’t been spoken about too much yet. On a person level I want us to be competing in the top half of the table. We know amongst the group individual errors throughout the team cost us this year.

From John – what’s the best thing about playing for St Ives?

R – The team spirit and togetherness we’ve all got. Staff, players and through the club as a whole.

Cheers Rob. Many thanks for taking the trouble to answer the above questions. The last one is more of a plea really and it comes from Nick Horne – Can you ask him to PLEASE stay at the Ives next season as he is absolute quality at this level! #uptheives