Who’s who at St Ives Town

Chairman: Paul Reason

Directors: Gary Clarke, Maureen Clarke, Nigel Howlett, Marina Howlett, Chris George, Gareth Chapman, Phil Moore, Mark Taylor, Andrew Dunn, Ollie Jones.

Secretary: Marina Howlett

Fixture Secretary: Nigel Howlett

Finance Director: Maureen Clarke

Commercial Director: Mark Taylor

Business Director: Phil Moore

Safety Officer: Nigel Howlett

Welfare Officer: Marina Howlett

Assistant Welfare Officer: Rachael Mustill

Stadia and Facilities: Chris George

Youth Committee Secretary & Treasurer: Nigel & Marina Howlett

Marketing Director: Ollie Jones

Public Relations Director: Andrew Dunn

Club Steward & Hospitality: Mark Walker

Club Media Team: Andrew Dunn, Ollie Jones, Nathan Peacock & Harvey Dunn.  For all media enquiries please contact stivestownmedia@outlook.com

     If you would like to get in contact with anyone from the above list then please use the form below :