Player Q&A Session – Ben Seymour-Shove

Player Q&A Session – Ben Seymour-Shove

Last night via Twitter & Facebook we hosted another in a series of Q&A sessions with current St Ives Town players with the questions being asked by the Ives fans. Local boy Ben Seymour-Shove was the next to be quizzed.

For those that missed it or don’t have access to social media, here’s the Q&A session in full.

Question – From Tom W – Who was your boyhood hero?

Ben – Growing up a big Arsenal fan this one is quite an easy one for me. Thierry Henry was my hero.

From Martin C – Do you check where Louise (photographer) is standing before the game so you know where to celebrate?

B – No I wouldn’t say so. I think it’s more from chance rather than me looking out for the photographer haha!!

From Martin C – What do you do Ben to chill out/relax?

B – Nothing too different I guess. I do a bit of exercise to help me feel good but also just watching series, watching sport and spending time with friends and family.

From Ross Prior – Other than your infamous play-off winning goal. What is your favourite moment in an Ives shirt. And also your favourite goal either by yourself or someone else?

B – My second favourite moment was the cup final win a couple of years back Vs Eynesbury. Of course winning but the turn out from the fans at the Neots ground was quality. My favourite goal of late would have to be the one Vs Redditch at Home this year in a big game for the team.

Here’s the goal Ben’s talking about in case anyone missed it.

From Posh Fan & John Toland – who is the best player you’ve ever played with or against?

B – Against there have been a lot. Especially in academy football. Played against was probably Raheem Sterling when he was at QPR. Best I have played with would have to be Jay Davies back in the Posh days.

From Mark Swetnam – Did you know that Rushden goal was going in as soon as you touched the ball, and how did it feel to know that you had just promoted the club to step three?

B – The Rushden goal I caught sweetly and knew it had a chance. The day was special and I have fond memories, I think I realised the achievement the following season when we were actually playing step 3. The calibre of teams were made me realise the achievement for the club.

Ben’s play-off winning goal v Rushden

From Mr Chiz – Hi Ben, it’s great to see your family following you home and away. Has this always been the case ?

B – Hi mate, Yeah they follow and support me everywhere. This has always been the same since I started football really. Their weekends are pretty filled with football including watching my sisters on Sundays which is great.

From George B – How tall are you?

B – 6ft 2!!!!

Another from Martin C – What is your best and worst game for St Ives?

B – Best game was the playoff semi final away to Egham. The underdog feeling and the celebrations away on a Tuesday night felt special. Worst would probably be Kettering at home in our first year at step 3. Think it finished 8-0 or 8-2. They were a good side but we were poor that day.

Ben’s goal v Egham in the play-off semi final.

From Hooky – I think it’s fair to say that you’re one of the supporters favourite players at WWR. How do the Ives fans compare to other clubs you’ve played for?

B – To be honest I haven’t played for too many clubs. The supporters at St Ives are top draw, especially the ones that continue to follow us through the Rocky times too. Hopefully good times for us all to come.

Many thanks for your time Ben and hopefully we will see you scoring some more crackers at WWR before too long!