Fantastic new partnership deal. The White Hart and Seven Wives with St Ives Town FC

St Ives Town FC are delighted to announce an exciting & exclusive new partnership deal with The White Hart and Seven Wives eateries / pubs / bed & breakfast (White Hart only). In these uncertain times it has the potential to both benefit the club massively whilst also providing valuable reciprocal business to both venues. As part of the deal, all club season ticket holders will be entitled to a minimum 15% discount on all drinks purchased at both locations subject to production of a current season ticket. We are also looking at an incentive for visiting away fans who venture into town before games and a number of other initiatives during the course of the season.

Brandon, the owner of both the White Hart and Seven Wives commented  “We’re really pleased to be in a partnership with St Ives Town FC. Myself, Hayley and the staff all follow the club and we endeavour to support them with sponsorship and any other fund raising ventures. Myself & Hayley have also sponsored Tierney Coulson who plays for the Ladies team this season. Tierney’s family all frequent the Seven Wives especially when the sun’s out in which we always welcome along with other families. Both pubs and ALL staff are excited about trying to grow and get through these trying times and with a collaboration/partnership with St Ives Town FC. We can do this by simply supporting each other in what is a miserable 2020 and hope that 2021 can bring all local businesses a brighter future by working side by side.”

Mark Taylor, the club’s Commercial Director stated “This is another great partnership for the club and has the potential to help both ourselves and The White Hart and Seven Wives enormously in what are very troubling times for everyone. Brandon has been very creative in terms of how best to maximise and develop this deal.”

The White Hart – A 500 year old pub is situated in the heart of St ives Town and has been recently taken over by Brandon and Hayley, have some great ideas to make this one of the successful pubs in St Ives. They are extending the courtyard garden and installing a pergola which will be roofed to provide all year round use. The interior which is slightly dated will soon have a new lease of life offering some of the best home cooked foods, tapas and steak nights in town. It has 6 rooms upstairs which are available to rent as room only at the moment, but will be having ensuite installed pre Christmas 2020.

Seven Wives – One of the biggest pubs in St Ives, just outside of the town centre. It has the biggest child friendly beer garden and always a massive hit with families, a real family community hub. Brandon & Hayley have had this pub now for nearly 2 years and had many issues which they came through as a team and community. It’s also renowned for live music, sport and a meeting point for families. This has been acknowledged by putting on family fun days & kids parties (Christmas, Halloween etc). They are looking forward to 2021 by having an enormous screen showing lots of sports including Euro 2021 and  will endeavour to put on a massive show for the community of St Ives.