Club Announcement: St Ives Town FC Ladies First Team

The club regrets to announce that the Ladies first team have had no alternative but to withdraw from this season’s Eastern Region Women’s Football League.  This is due to the overall lack of players in the squad alongside injuries as well as the struggle of competing against teams offering financial incentives.

Prior to this decision, active discussions were held with the league, and it was subsequently agreed by the club that the team should sadly withdraw as it would have been unable to fulfil its fixtures for the remainder of the season.

The team has enjoyed almost 10 years at the club, so it is disappointing for our players who have been part of the squad during this time.  This has understandably hit the whole club hard, and it was not the outcome that the staff, players, parents, and volunteers wanted.  

A number of the existing squad will want to leave and the club understands their decision to continue playing football at the existing level and we fully support them.

The Ladies development team will still be a team representing the club this season and some of the existing First team ladies have intimated they will be joining this team.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep the team going over the last 10 years and the Eastern Region Women’s Football League for their understanding and support during this difficult time.