150 Club

150 CLUBThe 150 Club Returns

Due to the success of this raffle over previous years, we will be running the 150 Club once again throughout the duration of the season

How It Works
It costs £50 to enter for the whole season. The £50 can be paid in one payment or split into five payments of £10 . Cash or cheques are accepted. The draw will be held monthly until the end of the season and prizes will be awarded as follows… 1st-£150, 2nd-£100 & 3rd-£50. In addition, there will be two bonus draws one in December & one in May. Fifty percent of the money will be allocated to the club and the rest towards the prize money.

How To Join
Anyone wishing to join the 150 club can contact Mark Gifford at giff14@hotmail.co.uk or on 07949555119. Alternatively you could discuss with any other board/committee member or use the CONTACT FORM.

Last Year’s Success
A big thank you to all those who took part last season we raised £3000 which has been allocated for ground improvements. Hope you can all join in again this season and please get your friends & family involved.