Luke Warner-Eley Sky Diving for Charity

St Ives defender Luke Warner-Eley and his partner Chloe are taking part in a sky dive to raise money for the charity Bliss (for babies born premature or sick).

Their baby Hunter was born at 24 weeks weighing just 750g,

Chloe’s story taken from her Just Giving page –

Hello everyone, Luke and I are doing a charity sky dive for Bliss. This charity is the leading UK charity for babies born premature or sick. It supports families with a baby in neonatal care, works with health professionals to provide training and improve care for babies it campaigns for improved hospital resources & are actively involved in pioneering neonatal research. It is something very close to our hearts.

After my waters breaking at just 24 weeks I was rushed to University College Hospital London. They monitored me regularly taking blood tests and observations throughout each day. The aim was to basically prolong my birth as much as possible. Every day was critical to Hunters survival rate. As each day passed it was better for him.

However, on Sunday 4th March I slowly started contracting and they got worse and worse. The Midwife’s wheeled me off to delivery where I got examined. My cervix was closed, however they kept me in delivery as they planned to induce me. My infection markers had risen so I was just awaiting the consultants before they put me on the drip. The day passed slowly and eventually the contractions were unbearable, I asked to be examined again at about 8:30pm to which I found out I was 8cm dilated.

A team of staff came running in to prepare for the delivery and take Hunter away and stabilise him upon his arrival. Once he was here -only about 1.5 hours after- he was taken away from me. I got a quick glimpse of him before they took him, but I never got to hold him. After about 2 hours of impatiently waiting around I was finally allowed to go and see him for the first time and he was so tiny and so beautiful I couldn’t believe it, his eyes were still sealed shut and his skin bright pink and see through. He was so so small you could fit him in the palm of you hands!!

The nurses at UCH were so kind and caring to Hunter and we developed great relationships with them all. He was on the road to come back to our local hospital Watford. Putting on weight comfortably breathing and being a healthy baby. Unfortunately one night they realised he had caught an infection, it was NEC. This is very common in premmies however, also very aggressive. Around 25% of babies with this infection sadly pass away and the cause of the infection is unknown. If this isn’t picked up and treated quickly it shuts down the bowels and intestine very quickly.

We were immediately transferred to Great Ormond Street incase emergency surgery was needed. Great Ormond Street Hospital have saved my babies life and provided him 1-2-1 care around the clock with constant observations and tests, his infection markers are now coming down. He will be introduced to feeding again soon and will be transferred off of the ventilation machine onto an oxygen support machine called opti flow. Hopefully he will be returned to UCH within the next couple of weeks and then onto our local hospital in the near future.

We have been offered great support by the hospitals we have been too and also provided accommodation. We would love to give something back and help with funding costs for further research on prem babies to give every baby the best chance at survival and the best resources available for them.

Hunter was born 5th March weighing 750g … now 5 and a half weeks on he weighs 1.1KG.

Every penny/pound you donate would go a long Long way

We plan to jump either June 24th or July 1st… date TBC

Thanks Guys xxxxx

Click Here to visit Chloe and Lukes Just Giving page to make a donation