Guest Blog by Dave Hook


by Dave Hook

It was a first for me in the 4 1/2 years I’ve been a committed supporter home and away on Tues Oct 8. As St Ives were walking onto the pitch to play their home league match against Dunstable, I was 130 miles away in Hampshire about to watch a Hants Senior cup game between Alresford and Team Solent. No, I hadn’t abandoned my 2nd love in the whole wide world to take up ground hopping full time again I was on holiday and although it had briefly entered my mind that I could chance it and drive to Westwood Rd and back without the wife realizing I thought it best not to take advantage of the situation and settled for a game nearish to our location. I must admit it felt very odd indeed and to rub salt into the wound the home team were wearing black & white stripes and the away were in red!

Graham very kindly kept me informed of what was happening at Westwood Rd by text. By half time it was quite clear it was not going to be our evening. As I wasn’t at the game I can’t comment although from what I heard they had 4 efforts and scored them all!

What I’m really liking this season is that we’re not panicking or getting upset by these score lines. It has been said on a couple occasions that this season is a learning curve and we are going to get well beaten at times by teams with more experience at this level and bigger budgets. A couple of weeks back when we were beaten 3-0 at home to Rugby most of us agreed that it was a good game of football and we played really well. That wouldn’t have been said last season if we had lost by that score line in the UCL!

I must admit that I’m still getting a massive buzz with the season coming up to it’s quarter way mark and I’m pretty certain I’ll still be feeling that way come the last game of the season.

I also missed the Trophy game at Rainworth, however we sneaked the win and I’m looking forward to playing Kettering in the next round. Losing at home to Kettering is the only game so far that I thought we didn’t play well at all, so I’m hoping that perhaps we can make amends. Lets face it the thought of possibly playing Cambridge or Luton is enough to get anyone’s juices flowing!

To cut down on travelling costs this season I’ve been going on the coach that Greig Sarath lays on for the longer away games. It’s very good value at 10 quid and a good laugh too, although I tend to sit quietly at the front! For the shorter games when there isn’t a coach, myself and Graham have been organizing a car share. We meet up at Westwood Rd and get as many people into as few cars as possible and share the fuel cost. In the few games we’ve done this so far it’s worked really well.

Who’d have thought step 4 would be this exciting!!

Dave Hook

If you’re interested on going on the coach contact Greig or Simon Clark.
For car sharing (having a car is not essential) contact myself or Graham Dolling. For those that aren’t aware I live in Sutton and anyone that lives in Earith or Bluntisham I can easily swerve by and pick you up for home and away games. Just let me know